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Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

After a fire, many of your household items and the house structures will be blackened due to exposure to the smoke. The blackened area are actually smoke particles that have adhered onto your household items. These smoke particles not only create dirty stain but they are also hazardous to the lung health. You can save money from having to replace them by hiring a professional smoke damage cleanup company. Colorado Disaster offers fast and comprehensive 24/7 emergency smoke damage cleanup in the Colorado area.


Our highly trained crew will come arrive at your home well equipped with various kinds of advanced smoke damage clean up equipment. We offers a full range of emergency smoke damage restoration services including soot removal, smoke odor cleanup, and cleaning of the structure and contents. Our crew has been trained to to perform the smoke damage cleaning according to the safety measures in the industry standard procedure.

Smoke Damage Cleanup – Removal of Soot and Smoke Odors in Colorado Springs

Our team will perform inspection on the smoke damage and have the property boarded up to prevent access during the cleanup process if needed. We offers content packed out services where our crew will help to move your undamaged items to a secure facility. Before beginning the smoke cleanup process, we will contain the area. We will use masked tape to protect the floor from soot during the smoke damage cleanup process.

HEPA vacuum cleaning equipment will be used to suck up the fine soot residues found all over the property including cabinets, attics, basement, sub flooring, and HVAC duct. These soot residues can cause a musty odor to remain in the air. Glasses that have been exposed to the smoke will be cleaned to prevent corrosion. Soot damage cleanup is suitable for salvaging materials such as clothes and marble that can still be used. Hiring a professional to remove the soot residues is a must as soot can cause problems for your respiratory system. Soot is a carcinogen and it can prevent you from breathing properly.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services Include

  • Round the Clock emergency hotline for direct access to fire control experts
  • Highly skilled and experienced fire damage cleanup employees
  • Highly skilled and experienced fire damage restoration pros
  • Trusted vendor-partner relationships with multiple insurance companies
  • Our technicians will use sponges to clean surfaces that will not be repainted. For surfaces that will be repainted, we will use special cleaning detergent to clean them. We will use the appropriate techniques depending on the type of the materials. The restoration services include renewing the look of your household items that are exposed to the smoke damage.

    We can use advanced water extraction and drying equipment to remove standing water due to the fire rescue workers attempt in saving your house from fire. Water damage can saturate your contents and building structure so that they start to rot and encourage mold growth.

    Emergency Board Up – Roof Tarping – Smoke and Fire Damage Disaster Recovery

    Colorado Disaster Pros aim to provide complete satisfaction for every fire and smoke damage clean up services we offer. You can contact the smoke damage cleanup team at Colorado Disaster Pros if your home has sustained smoke damage from a fire in Colorado.

    If you have just suffered a fire incident in your home or residential complex, call our emergency hotline to get help. The types of residential fire control services we provide include:

    We work with a large number of insurance companies throughout Colorado to make the cleanup and recovery process as simple and stress frees as possible. Our mission is to make the fire damage cleanup and restoration services easy. Regardless of the extent of damage at your home or business, we have the right equipment and trained professionals to handle the job.

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